Lorraine reviews Elsewhere by Rosita Boland

In the year 2000, Irish Times journalist and poet Rosita Boland set herself the task of reading the 13th edition of the Chambers Dictionary from cover to cover, collecting words which delighted her in a notebook. She uses some of these unusual and evocative words as chapter headings in this beautifully written book which documents... Continue Reading →

Submitted by Maitrayi Mondal - This photo was taken on the Athlone Bridge overlooking the Shannon at the advent of spring last year - just before COVID-19 locked us all in and away from these beautiful vistas.

Time to get started

Aine from Athlone Library shares some tips for those interested in our Grow It Forward programme Westmeath Libraries are delighted to announce that we have received our first batch of Grow Kits, which we are posting out to those already registered.  And so, our joint adventure in Growing begins!  Please do your best to play... Continue Reading →

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