Patchwork Poetry #10

Leanne O’Sullivan is a young poet who hails from Cork.  Her Collection entitled “Waiting for my Clothes”, was published by Bloodaxe Books in 2004.  Her full Works come across as brutally honest, and poignant, and a personal journey of the physical is mapped in detail.  I hope that these snippets below portray the richness of... Continue Reading →

Patchwork poetry #9

The following Patchwork Poem comprises Lines from the work of Fintan O’Toole, a lover of music and of words, and frequent visitor to Athlone Library in his time.  The poems in full can be read in the fourth Collection by the local Poetry Collective called “Poetry in the Park”, and this was published in 2018... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Poetry #8

Orfhlaith Foyle is an intriguing Wordsmith – a Poet, Novelist, Playwright and Short Story writer.  Orfhlaith was born in Nigeria to Irish parents.  Around 1976 she came St. Peter’s N.S., Athlone.  She made a gentle entrance, not knowing how to us she was quite exotic.  Her life and career took her to numerous countries, ensuring... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Poetry #7

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.Jill came tumbling after.London Bridge is falling down.Down came the rain and washed the spider out.Old Macdonald had a farm.Mary had a little lamb.Three little kittens have lost their mittens.Three blind mice, see how they runRow, row, row your boat gently down the stream.Five little ducks went swimming one day.... Continue Reading →

Some of my favourite poems

Anne from Mullingar Library shares some of her favourite poems with us to help celebrate Poetry Ireland Day. These are the first verses, just to give you a flavour. Feel free to share your favourite poems with us, we'd love to hear. And remember to check out some of our Patchwork Poems, or submit your... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Poetry #5

Is those things arms, or is they legs?  (The Octopus By Ogden Nash)An owl’s cry, a most melancholy cry  (The Owl By Thomas Hardy)A greyhound should be headed like a Snake,  (The Properties of a Good Greyhound By Dame Juliana Berners)When I was once in Baltimore  (Sheep By W.H. Davies)A snake came to my water-trough ... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Poem #4

I am days when I don’t know (Who am I?  by Geraldine O’Toole)But still the stars shine on high And hang like diamond’s fire in the sky (Ride the night by  Marion Bauer)I feel it’s good to find your starTo be precisely the age you are (Teenager  by  Iain Duggan)It’s the spark which holds in... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Poetry #3

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree (W.B. Yeats "The Lake Isle of Innisfree")And I said, let grief be a fallen leaf at the dawning of the day (Patrick Kavanagh "On Raglan Road")Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road (WALT WHITMAN “Song of the Open Road” )Patchwork Poem by Darren... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Poetry #2

Another example of a Patchwork Poem : Joyful are the thoughts of home (The wood-cutter’s night song – John Clare)Where the hay lies thick and greenest (A Boy’s song – James Hogg)A bee-hive’s hum shall soothe my ear (A wish – Samuel Rogers)What need have you to care (To a child dancing in the wind... Continue Reading →

Patchwork Poetry

Poetry Ireland Day will be celebrated on the 29th April 2021, why not celebrate by creating a poem of your own? Maybe try a Patchwork Poem? A Patchwork poem, also known as a Cento poem, is one created out of other poems, or writings. Just as a patchwork quilt is assembled out of a collection... Continue Reading →

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